What is your self-fulfilling prophecy?

September 21, 2016


Have you heard about self-fulfilling prophecies? Quite simply, this is the principle that the energetic interaction between beliefs, thoughts, and the higher-self can actually cause something to manifest itself.


We all have our innate strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, we are all leveraging our greatest innate talents and addressing our innate weaknesses. But what about this concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy?



By constantly resonating a pattern, can we actually cause it to come into existence? The answer Steven is YES! And herein lies a great opportunity or curse...


Clients often ask me about free will. Sometimes they ask whether free will even exists if the planets influence everything in our lives and their movements are completely pre-programmed and predictable. Well, here is my opinion based upon my studies, research, work, and personal experiences. You absolutely cannot change the energies that will unfold and predictably express themselves at certain times throughout your life path. However, you can influence HOW they express themselves. For example, you can turn a car accident into a broken vase or a life-threatening illness into a minor energy blip.


My guides told me that when we constantly resonate a discordant pattern, in time it will manifest our own downfall. Let's consider some examples...


The person who is constantly in a rush and worried about time literally runs out of time.


The person that constantly fears their partner will be unfaithful drives them into the arms of another.



The person who is constantly anxious about finances never manifests financial freedom.


The person with poor self-esteem lives a life of missed opportunity.


So, what is your self-fulfilling prophecy Steven and what are you doing about it?


Remember that the human mind only consciously accesses about 10 percent of the soul. This means that there are many patterns and strings within the soul that unconsciously create a person's pathway. The greatest opportunity is to discover far more of oneself taking control to master your own existence now and forever.


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