The Truth About Halloween

October 24, 2016


Would you like to know the truth about Halloween? 


First or all, did you know that Halloween is one of the oldest holidays? It is also observed all over the world by many cultures. But what do all of the symbols mean and what is the origin of this eerie practice? Read on to find out...


Halloween is rooted in a memory within our collective consciousness of the tragic destruction of Atlantis approximately 11,000 years ago. 64 million people died in one night as the continent of this once great civilization was engulfed by fire and dragged beneath the ocean. This is the greatest ever destruction of life in a single event. Hence the ghost and skeleton images!


Here is a quote from the Mayan book entitled 'Tro-Cortesianus Codex':


"In the year 6 khan, on the 11 Muluc, in the month of Zac, there occurred terrific earthquakes which continued until the 13 Chuen without interruption. The country of the hills of Earth - the land of Mu (Atlantis) - was sacrificed. Twice upheaved, it disappeared during the night, having been constantly shaken by fires of the underneath. Being confined, these caused the land to rise and sink several times in various places. At last the surface gave way and the 10 countries were torn asunder and scattered. They sank with their 64 million inhabitants 8,060 years before the writing of this book."


Halloween occurs on October 31 each year when the Sun is within the 10 degree death decanate of the death sign Scorpio. This part of Scorpio is symbolized in the heavenly constellations by Ophiucius battling an almighty force.


Symbols of stars and the Moon displayed at Halloween point quite simply to the fact that the sinking of Atlantis was predicted in the heavens as are all events on earth. Atlantis was the seat of probably the most enlightened civilization with its vast knowledge of astrology, magic, and alchemy. Fortunately for us, a number of colonies were created beyond Atlantis because the most enlightened knew from their finest astrologers that Atlantis would be destroyed. But why was it destroyed?



Atlantis sank because the occult knowledge and power fell into the hands of those who no longer used it for the good of humanity, but for their own selfish and dark means. White magic had fallen to the dark temptations of black magic. This is the root of symbols and images of black witches at Halloween.



What about the black cats? Well, the Sun is our symbol of light and creation. He rules the sign Leo described by the lion. As the esoteric wisdom of Atlantis had fallen into the hands of black magicians, we display black cats inferring the application of white magic to dark purposes.



Atlantis sank when the Precessional Cycle shifted from the end of Leo into Cancer. Note that the cat of esoteric wisdom (Leo) was pulled into the ocean (Cancer). This is one of the reasons why our wise ancestors left us the Sphinx advising mankind that the end of the age of Leo is catastrophic as is the end of the Age of Aquarius when we shift into the age of Capricorn.


Why the bats? They detest the light and therefore symbolize the very dark forces employed in black magic.



And why is it our tradition to make a lot of noise at Halloween? We re-enact the dreadful sounds heard as the continent of Atlantis was torn into the ocean. 


So, what can we learn from this dreadful tragedy? Wisdom and esoteric magic must be used for the good of humanity and all other living things. Note that everything is alive, even the rocks and plants. Degradation of such treasured wisdom and powers will be corrected by higher powers. We are in service to deity!


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Happy Halloween and stick with the light!


















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