Full Moon Alert

December 13, 2016


You probably have five other emails about the Moon. Four of them tell you how wonderful it is, just like everything else that occurs astrologically. I will tell you the truth. The material plane is a mixture of opposites for the purpose of our edification.


Remember, remember, remember, New Moon is good while Full Moon is bad. 


The Full Moon is MALEFIC. Think of the linguistic connection: MALevelent, MALfunction, MALicious, MAL, MALo, MAlito, MALheureusement.


The New Moon is BENEFIC. Think of the lingustic connection: BENefit, BENevolence, Bien, Bueno, Buono.


The earth plane is a polarized mixture of positive and negative or good and bad. As a general rule of thumb, Jupiter is good; Saturn is bad. Jupiter is Jove (God). Saturn is Jove's opposite. There is a linguistic connection between Saturn and Satan. 


Life is a box of chocolates and you never know what you're gonna get? Well, life is a box of chocolates and the Full Moon is one we are allergic to. We do, however, know what we are going to get if we are living mindfully observing the planets that God placed in the heavens above. She didn't state that we must not observe what she placed in front of our noses. However, if we know what is occurring, we can change our fate...



The Full Moon is negative because she occurs when the Moon is on the other side of the earth further away from the Sun. This creates a line with the earth between the Sun and the Moon. Any opposition astrologically places two things at odds, pulling in different directions like a tug of war. Whenever a planet (the Moon is a satellite rather than a planet, but we refer to her as such for simplicity) is opposed to the Sun it is afflicted. The Full Moon creates an exact opposition which is obviously the strongest opposition of all. 



When we have a New Moon she is between the earth and the Sun and becoming perfectly conjunct our light (source of God's strength and presence in our solar system). Always remember that the Moon doesn't have any light of her own. She just reflects the light of her father in the heavens above.


Whenever a planet gets close to the Sun, it is astrologically combust. We all like some sunshine, but it is bad to get too much. Combustion is the greatest affliction. HOWEVER, when a planet reaches the heart of the Sun astrologically, it becomes cazimi, which is the greatest boon (bon, bien, bueno) of all. And the Sun is symbolic of the heart. People with a weak and afflicted Sun in their natal chart often have heart troubles.


What about this full Moon today Tuesday December 13th? Well, the Sun is conjunct Saturn (the major malefic) and poor Jupiter (Jove) is in tight opposition to the oddball Uranus. No matter how many blogs say that the Full Moon is wonderful, it is not. Now, we do have to consider everything else occurring in a chart and each person's chart is different (unless you are a twin in which case there is a fascinating correlation of the same energies expressing themselves differently based on personal experiences and choices).


Be cautious with this Full Moon and tell your friends / loved ones to be cautious as well. Be on your best behavior because this Full Moon is nasty, quirky, and fiery. The Moon will be full at 7:35 pm eastern time and she is a super moon which makes her especially potent. If you have planets or angles at 22/23 degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini, she is on your case.



What do we do? We avert challenges. Drive cautiously. Keep your distance. Stay out of trouble. Avoid stress. Keep a low profile. Today is not a good day to address your grievances with that angry colleague. Neither is it a good day for your new magical fire breathing act or that sword fighting competition. Slowly, slowly, softly, softly.


Oh, and this Full Moon occurs while Trump has Saturn at his south node, hence his headaches about Russian interference in the election. Note that Mercury (votes) is conjunct malefic Pluto in the sign of politics and big business (Capricorn). There is likely to be some bad news about a large business or few.


Stay out of trouble!



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