Little Sparrow

February 14, 2018

Good day!   


I recently had the opportunity to visit friends and family in Normandy, France. I lived and studied in France for a while years ago. The student accommodation at that time was not very nice, to say the least, so I looked for a better solution. A friend passed me an address in Mont-Saint-Aignan near Rouen, so I jumped into my red Vauxhall Nova to check it out. Finding myself driving around the most beautiful neighborhood, I arrived at a winding driveway lined with magnificent Forysthia bushes. It seemed too good to be true, so I checked and double-checked the address. 


I was definitely in the right place... I always am. I am.


After parking my car at the top of the driveway, the most stunning gardens and beautiful white home revealed themselves. I walked up a gorgeous stone staircase lined with a flower-filled rockery. The front door was open and a beautiful dark brown dog (Tina) came to me very calmly without barking at all. That is when I met my wonderful friend Maggy whom I lived with during my time in France. Maggy was in her late seventies at that time. Her son had just passed to spirit. Maggy and I fell in love and became family. I have visited Maggy and my wonderful French family many times over the years. We both knew that we were soul mates.

At the age of 98, Maggy recently moved out of her beautiful home in Mont-Saint-Aignan. Her daughter Corinne explained to me that the house was being emptied of its beautiful belongings and asked if there is anything that I would like. Immediately, I replied that there is no treasure in this world that could mean more to me than my wonderful times with Maggy and the many deeply-meaningful spiritual experiences that we had together. I didn't want anything. Corine then asked if I would like her to choose an item for me. I accepted her offer, but invited her to choose whichever item she was drawn to.


After Corine left to go to the house, I went to my room and visualized a beautiful silver sparrow bottle-opener.  I projected the image into Corine's mind. Surely enough, she brought me that exact item the next day because she was drawn to it.


Little sparrow is meaningful to me. I gave my mother, Diane, the nickname "Little Sparrow" many years ago and it stuck. You see, spirit brought my mother. Spirit brought me my French mother and friend, Maggy, as well.


The birds are everywhere and so is spirit.



My partner Yugo is a Buddhist. I initially felt confused because Yugo generally spoke in universal terms! He would look me in the eye and say "I love". Love should be universal as is God.


I love


Steve (a Little Sparrow production).


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