Involution precedes Evolution

April 9, 2018

I have personally always doubted that God is intrinsically involved in the minute of my life. When I work in my garden, I fanatically turn the soil slowly and gently so that I do not harm any worms. But if I am completely honest with you, I admit that I don’t spend my evenings worrying about whether the worms abide by rules I would like to impose upon them. You might be horrified that I hardly ever inquire as to the belief system and integrity of the ants. I trust that nature, evolution, and karma are invisibly orchestrated to ensure development. Likewise, I trust that God has bigger things on her desk than punishing her own creation for not following a silly rule imposed by another of her work-in-progress creations.


In times gone by, most people listened to the priest who issued a list of strict rules. Not abiding by these rules would cause a person to burn in a very nasty place called hell.


“Don’t use birth control! God will turn his back on you!”


“Lose your place in heaven if you fall in love with a person of the same gender!”


Meanwhile, many popes fornicated behind the scenes while far too many priests abused young boys. This was not a problem for the church while the unwitting public remained limited, clueless, and paralyzed by fear.


Keeping people in fear has always been and remains to be one of the finest ways of controlling them. 


“The Earth will cease to exist unless you pay this new travel tax… But don’t worry about the toxic waste (fluoride) we throw in the drinking water!”


“Pay your mortgage, but don’t question the fact that the bank never had the money to begin with...”


“Don’t grow your own food – there is nothing wrong with the void-of-nutrition, expensive food permeated with deathly chemicals from its very inception.”




I had an interesting conversation last year with a Monsanto executive at an airport. He was utterly convinced that infusing foods with RoundUp is not harmful. When I offered to drive to Home Depot to buy him a bottle of Roundup to drink with his lunch, he fell silent. Then he asked me for an appointment. I replied that I would be happy to give him an appointment when he can offer evidence of terminating his relationship with Monsanto. I haven’t heard from him since. Presumably, a deal with the devil really is tricky to break.


The Crown must control resources to subjugate the lemmings (subjects). Let’s face it, you don’t want your cattle just wandering off your land and doing whatever they feel like. What use would they be to you then?


Sadly, most of the world is now heavily focused upon matter and materialism. But, is this all that the Earth plane has to offer us?


A small number of people choose to focus completely upon spirit and spirituality. However, individuals committed to monasteries and nunneries do not necessarily understand spirit and spirituality either. Conforming to one established religion or faith may lead to an aberration of the truth. So, let’s never be fooled into buying every story that we are told.



Let’s also remember that the media offerings were originally referred to as “the programming”. We must always question the agenda behind belief systems preached at the pulpit, supposed facts espoused by the talking box, and even the rules and controls regulating trade and banking. 


Orchestrated religion has been used for eons to brainwash and control the cattle just as the media was finely orchestrated to manage the cattle’s paradigm.


At this point, you may be asking yourself “So where do we look for the truth?”. I have personally found that an analysis of nature has never led me astray. This is one of the reasons why as a boy, I began studying planetary conditions and movements to answer questions not comprehensively answered through channeling, psychism, and mediumship. 






Nature does not lie. The planets always reveal the truth. To date, HuMan has not yet managed to destroy a whole planet. His conjuring and idiocy are limited to the poor Earth plane. Gaia is still breathing right now, but we do hear her gasp quite frequently. HuMan did not destroy Tiamat creating the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. That’s another story. But HuMan will probably become too smart for his own good at some point and visibly wreak havoc beyond his adoptive, and probably regretful, mother Earth.


It is possible to focus too much on spirit and not enough upon matter. If you’re unconvinced of this fact, have a conversation with my frustrated financial advisor. I think that she is starting to understand that my unorthodox methodology was perhaps wise. But for many years her eyes glossed over my approach as she glared at my bank balance. 


Let me explain to you what I have been trying to explain to her for a number of years.


Involution is a prerequisite to evolution.


Creation is a product of spirit + matter. What on Earth does this mean?


The material plane is polarized.




The battery has a positive and a negative. The positive is the masculine, dynamic, assertive energy of the sun. The negative is the passive, receptive, feminine energy of the Moon.


Winter and summer.


Day and night.


Male and female.


Zero and one.


Light and darkness.


North and South.


East and West.


Pisces and Virgo.


Birth and death.


Aries and Libra.


Taurus and Scorpio.


Gemini and Sagittarius.


Mother and father.


Brother and sister.


Black and white.


Saturn and Jupiter.


Venus and Mars.


Etc. etc. etc…


Modern science is concerned only with evolution. Hence its inherent limitations. One day a very long time from now, science will wake up to the reality that involution precedes evolution. This is what I have been explaining to my financial advisor. 






What goes up must come down. As above so below. The purification of spirit yields, in time, the mastery of alchemy. The mastery of alchemy brings beautiful results in matter upon the physical plane.


What use is it to await the Kingdom of God? Surely God would much prefer us to transcend his kingdom to wherever we reside? Surely it is our collective responsibility to create heaven on Earth. Surely it is our individual responsibility to orchestrate the extent to which we manifest the Kingdom of God within ourselves, and around us.  All those waiting for the return of Jesus Christ will feel most foolish when they realize that he didn’t go anywhere. Never left. He resides within each of us, all of us, and everything. He lives in the Little Sparrow enjoying the suet treats you so lovingly place in your yard.




The Star of David is two triangles combined.  The upper triangle symbolizes the movement of matter. The inverted triangle depicts the process of involution. This involves ascension to the source followed by the invocation of God’s Kingdom to the material plane. The perfect combination of spirit and matter is depicted by the interlaced triangles of Solomon’s seal. Man and woman bring together their creative assets. Man faces downwards like the inverted pyramid, impregnating the upward pyramid of the female. The outcome is the descension of spirit to the material plane. The quality of the union reflects the alchemical combination of what is being created.


THY (your) Kingdom come


THY will be done


Thy WILL be done


On Earth as it is in Heaven



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