A Very Special Day

April 13, 2018


Here is an anonymous letter for 6 children when mother passed away. I wrote this for their Mom's one year re-birthday.



Dear kids,


I wanted to write you a letter on this very special day.


Have a think for a moment about yourself, your brothers and sisters. You each have a physical body. But you each have characters, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, beliefs, ideas, and talents. None of these are physical like the body. If you think very carefully, although we have physical bodies, we are actually non-physical beings. So why do we have these bodies?


Right now, you are standing on the Earth. The Earth is a physical environment. You need your body to walk around, to get out of bed, to brush your teeth, and go to school. You probably traveled today in the car to visit the cemetary. You traveled in the car, but the car is not you. It is a vehicle required for the journey.



The human body is a vehicle required on the Earth. But, look up at the sky for a moment. The Earth is traveling through outer space. It is like one grain of sand on a large beach. You know that there is far, far more out there than the Earth. There are, in fact, many many forms of existence in many many places.


We each come to the Earth to experience life in the physical world. But, there are many non-physical worlds. You each have a spirit. The spirit is consciousness. The spirit is energy. Depending on how much you have studied science at school, you may or may not have learned yet that energy cannot be destroyed. It can change its form, but it cannot be destroyed. No spirit can ever be destroyed. We can change our form, but we do not die. The body dies. But the body is not what we are. Think of it like this. When your car is old and no longer works well, you let it go. You don't hang on to it when it is no longer doing its job.



Your Mom's body was no longer doing its job. So, she left it. But, your Mom's body was not your Mom. Your Mom is a spirit like each of us.


Today is a very special day. Today is your Mom's new birthday. Today is a celebration of your Mom becoming free from a physical body that was no longer working. Today is a celebration of your Mom becoming free again! Today is the celebration of your Mom's rebirth! Remember, the body stops working one day, but spirit is energy and energy cannot be destroyed.


Now listen very, very carefully. You have each had a very difficult start in this life. This life is one chapter in your never-ending story. Because spirit does not die, your story never ends. So, what is your story about? What is its purpose?



The objective is always to become a better and stronger version of yourself. You have had a very difficult start in this lifetime. It is very important that you understand that your start in life was not normal. It was very difficult for you. BUT, you must remember that life can be beautiful. Like your Mom, you now have a new opportunity. You have the opportunity to be happy. You are very loved. Part of your new Dad's job is to show you how much you can be loved; how wonderful life can be; how safe you can be. 


It is very important that you take personal responsibility for your new opportunity. Be the very best version of yourself. In each moment, ask your heart what is the right thing to do. Discover and explore the wonderful and unique talents that you brought to this world. Eat healthy foods. Be loving and kind. Be generous and warm. Laugh and enjoy life. Create wonderful futures for yourselves and make the world a better place for yourself as well as everyone and everything else.


Your Mom is just fine. There is no need to be sad. Celebrate this birthday and celebrate yourselves.

All my love to each of you.



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