April 18, 2018


Monotheism was a very clever way of further divorcing humankind from nature and deity. Previous, and perhaps wiser, civilizations spoke of many Gods. They personified the planets in our solar system. Why? They did this to reflect reality. What is reality? Well, in the case of our solar system, each of our planets is alive and kicking. They are all far more evolved in their consciousness than human beings. It will be a long time before you or I are sufficiently advanced spiritually to incarnate in the form of a planet. Imagine the responsibility of hosting the many forms of life on Earth. Imagine how much patience and higher consciousness would be required to host and tolerate the abuse of humankind…


The zodiacal belt defines all possible environments ordained by the Source on Earth. In other words, if it is not described somehow by a combination of planetary conditions within our zodiac, it ain’t happening here on Earth...



The first alphabet was created by the Chaldeans. They replicated symbols within the constellations above to create the consonants of their alphabet. “But, what about the vowels?”, you may ask. The planets are the vowels. The Source constantly journals before our very eyes in the heavens above. The ancient Hebrew alphabet is based upon the Chaldean alphabet. This is why the ancient Hebrew alphabet contains no vowels.


In my weekly forecast we will consider the planetary conditions. So, let’s take a look at the week ahead using some of the planetary personifications defined by our wise ancestors. We will consider the planets as they orbit the Son. However, I do want to make it very clear at this point that the interpretation of an individual entity’s chart is far more complex. In consultations, I conduct far more intricate analyses. I will cherry-pick just a few conditions for the week ahead is it would take far too long to explain in full the conditions and implications of just one planet.



Let’s begin with our slowest moving planet Pluto. Yes, yes humanity recently downgraded Pluto to the status of a dwarf planet. Pluto, however, is not especially interested in humanity’s opinion or assessment. He works for a higher power, so the joke is on us. In classical mythology, Pluto rules the underworld. He is certainly more on the malefic side of the spectrum. For this reason, we are wise to keep a close eye on his condition and behavior.


Pluto takes approximately 248 years to orbit the Son. This week he is positioned at 21 degrees of Capricorn. Everybody should know where Pluto is positioned in their chart.




Our Greek ancestors personified the planet Mars as Ares. In Rome, he was personified as the God of War. Why? Well, Mars is aggressive. He is the minor malefic - a half-dose of the major malefic Saturn. You really don’t want to meet Mars in a dark alley at night.


Satan is not a nasty man with horns. He is a reference to Saturn. The controlling church transformed Saturn into a nasty man with horns as part of a cunning plan to enslave humanity by fear. The Catholic Church still hoards obscene wealth while children starve with flies on their faces in Africa and other parts of the world. Monarchs the world over will also one day answer to the Source for such obscenities.


Ares (Mars) orbits the Son in the heavens above every 687 days. As we begin our week he is positioned at almost 16 degrees of Capricorn. He is on the pathway leading to Pluto’s front door. He reaches Pluto’s front door on April 26 at roughly 7 AM Eastern Time. Tread very carefully at 21 degrees of Capricorn… Fortunately, Mars is in pretty good condition in Capricorn because this is his sign of exaltation. He is certainly not as nasty as he can be in other signs of the zodiac.


The recent assertion of authority by the United Kingdom, France, and the United States over the monstrous Assad regime in Syria is described by the movement of Mars in Capricorn from Saturn towards Pluto. It will be interesting to see what happens when Ares joins forces with Pluto…



Uranus orbits the Son every 84 years. This is therefore his journey through the zodiacal belt surrounding the Earth. The Romans personified Uranus as Caelus. In Greek literature, he was the son of Gaia, Mother Earth. In the myth of Cronus (Saturn), Uranus castrated his father. I am sure you will agree that this is bizarre. Well, Uranus is odd. He is quirky, electrical, and springs at us from seemingly nowhere. The Son is now approaching Uranus who awaits his energy boost at 28 degrees of Aries. Check where 28 degrees of Aries falls in your chart because the Sun of God is about to engage in his annual ignition of Caelus.  The Son rules leaders and men. It will be interesting to see how leaders and men react on and around April 18th – possibly erratically. The Sun also rules the heart, so if you have a dodgy ticker keep a close eye on it. We also have the New Moon at 26.5 degrees of Aries on April 16th. New Moons are generally benefic but this one is oddball as she occurs in the lap of Caelus. The 16th is not a good day to pick a fight or do anything too risky. If you do, prepare yourself for fireworks. That said, be careful with fire and electrics because Aries is the cardinal fire sign…



Mercury is also in Aries. He goes direct on the 15th providing a gear shift for everyone and everything ruled by Mercury. Check where Virgo and Gemini fall in your chart because these signs both answer to Mercury. In the Roman empire, Mercury was the God of commerce, financial gain, eloquence, messages, communication, travel, thievery and trickery. Why? Because all of these are under the influence of Mercury. If you know of a thief, check their chart because you will be sure to find a Mercury very corrupted in quality. The Greeks characterized Mercury as Hermes while the Etruscans spoke of the deity Turms.


Keep an eye on matters of Hermes (decisions etc.) this week. As he is currently traveling through Aries, he is also directed by Mars, commander in chief of Aries.


Spring is here in the northern hemisphere and we can at least enjoy the movement of the beautiful Venus through her own sign of Taurus this week. She is gorgeous in her own sign, but don’t throw caution to the wind in matters of romance because she is moving through an opposition to the major benefic Jove (Jupiter). This is probably not too big of a deal as they are both benefic planets. But, let’s not be excessive. The Moon sweeps over Aphrodite (Venus) on the 17th which will put a smile on many faces. The 17th is potentially a wonderful day for artists and lovers.



Phoebe (Moon) is waxing in Aries on Monday making it a great day to sow fruit and graft fruit trees. On Tuesday she enters Taurus. I will definitely be taking a couple of hours off in the early morning to plant and transplant shrubs in my gardens. Taurus is Phoebe’s favorite environment, so you will find that trees, bushes, hedges, and root vegetables planted or transplanted Tuesday or Wednesday will do very well indeed. She travels through Gemini Thursday and Friday making them great days to plant flowers. Why? Because Gemini is an air sign and flowers are ruled by air. When Phoebe graces Cancer on Saturday and Sunday, sow leaf vegetables and mow the lawn. The Moon in Cancer is also a great time to combat above-ground pests, fertilize flowers, and water indoor plants.


It’s all just nature… Have a wonderful week!

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